Tomato Watermelon Salad Recipe


Tomato Watermelon Salad 

tomato watermelon salad very quick and a very delicious salad, tasty and refreshing summer salad. you got that chilled cube of watermelon that has a sweet flavor and the tomatoes provide the acid, you also gonna need some slices of red onion, the basil that is also tinley sliced and for the dressing you need a bit of oil and vinegar.

alright it is going to be very quick and easy, get 2 cups 500 milliliter of chilled cubed watermelon mint free, now you don't always eat the whole watermelon all at once, sometimes you got it left over just like that in the fridge. So chop your watermelon into cubes and do the same thing with the tomatoes, just cut them into pieces, put it together in a big bowl, dump the cubed watermelon in there now you've got two cups of Tomatoes as well.

Now tear a half red onion off and just cut down into slices and add to the mix and give that a good stir, Next cut those basil leaves into thin little slices, by now it should look beautiful


 To make the dressing, get a quarter cup of the olive oil and add two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar in there. take a quarter cup of the olive oil dump in there and stir everything up nice and easy. Just like that, gently pour the oil and the vinegar all over the salad and give it a little mix and serve it.

You got the red you got the green you got the colors of the onion and that's all there is to it that's a great healthy homemade fresh nutritious simple easy Summer salad.

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