Orange Marmalade Recipe


Orange Marmalade 

What's something that is absolutely wonderful spread on a piece of hot buttered toast? The answer is marmalade. So marmalade goes back centuries but these days it's in a bit of a decline, despite the efforts of Paddington Bear whose favorite thing is a marmalade sandwich. Well, a marmalade sandwich isn't that great. Marmalade on toast however, is fantastic! And it's not that hard to make.

So to make the marmalade you will need one kilo of oranges  and one lemon. And you want the same weight of sugar as you have oranges so one kilo of jam sugar which contains pectin which is the magic chemical that makes it set properly so cheating a bit but who cares. 

You also need one and a half litres of water so that's basically 1.5 times the weight. 

Preparing Fruit

So the first thing to do is give your fruit a good wash and then chop them in half and squeeze the juice out of them. then just get all the pulp and pith separated and pips. Now we need to chop the peel into short narrow strips - remember to keep your fingertips tucked in. So when you've got your pan of water with the chopped up peel in it and the bag with the pips and pith in it, chuck them on the stove and boil them or simmer them until the shreds of orange skin are soft - and that might take an hour or two. And keep a lid on because you don't want to lose too much moisture. 

Add Sugar 

Alternatively if you're short of time, you can do it in a pressure cooker in about 20 minutes. And let it cool down, you can just pop that in the fridge until it's cool enough to handle comfortably.

When its nice and cold, what you need to do now is add the sugar

And we need to make sure it's completely dissolved. So I've got it on low heat - while we're doing that. You can kind of feel the crystals of sugar and you just want to make absolutely sure that they're all gone.

Now, once you've got the sugar all dissolved you can increase the heat to high and bring it to the boil. It's useful if you have a digital thermometer because we need the temperature to reach 105 degrees Celsius. It took me about 15 min.

Once done pop it in the fridge,  the next day and my marmalade has set. You want it to be pretty solid and one

So have a bit of toast and do a taste test. It has an amazing taste and it's absolutely wonderful, so if you've forgotten how good marmalade is or you've never had it, I recommend it. Enjoy!

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