Why Drinking Coffee Can Make You Feel Sleepy

Is coffee the absolute ingredient for you to start the perfect morning? Is it your hobby to sip a cup of java to keep your mind awake? You shall be surprised to know that coffee helps you to get the most out of your sleep as well.

Though still being a stimulant to the mind, caffeine in coffee can sometimes make you feel like taking a nap, and you are not the only one to have this tendency. A great many drinkers admit to having a sleepy feeling even if their coffee is not decaf (decaffeinated coffee).

To save your time researching here and there, we have shortlisted these six points to prove that drinking coffee does bring you a better sleep experience.

1, Coffee does not cause sleep disruption.

You might have noticed as a coffee-lover that a cup of Joe at night does not bother your sleep. Working closely with 785 volunteers, a group of researchers could confidently conclude that coffee drinking within 4 hours of bedtime will not prevent you from falling asleep. The research was carried out in one week with the help of wrist sensors and sleep diaries. Amazingly, none of the partakers had their sleep disrupted by coffee.

2, You might wake up with more energy.

Yes, you could indeed get more energy after a nap if you drink a cup of coffee just before it. The exhausted state of your mind comes along with more adenosine - the chemical that adds up to the sleepiness. Coffee helps prevent the adenosine from reaching your brain. As a result, you will wake up feeling fresher and with more energy.

3, Coffee can trigger tiredness.

Did you ever feel like wanting to go to the bathroom more after drinking coffee? The diuretic effect caused by caffeine urges you to visit the bathroom more often. The more fluids your body loses, the more hydration it goes through. Consequently, you feel more tired and sleepy.

4, It reduces your blood glucose levels.

Are you a fan of sweet coffee with sugar or whipped cream? Surely you have had the chance to feel a sugar crash in your body after drinking it. As these are processed sugars, your body will experience a drop in blood glucose levels when trying to ingest them. The process will leave you feeling drowsy and drained of energy,

5, Mold in coffee shall bring fatigue.

You might yell at this fact of mold in your coffee, but your cup of java may be pretty sure a moldy drink. Studies have been made and proved about the contaminating existence of mold in coffee beans and the toxins of which can make you weary and sluggish.

6, Your body turns stress into sleepiness.

Did you ever get jitters after drinking coffee? Many people experience this as caffeine doubles the number of stress hormones in their bodies. And after the initial adverse effect, they are inclined to sleep off the bad feeling as sleep is the best natural remedy that we all go to when feeling stressed and tired.

How is your experience of drinking coffee before sleep? Did you get any of these symptoms that we listed out? Please tell us in the comment section.


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