As you reach 40, you’re gonna want to avoid these foods and drinks

There’s no greater feeling than getting older is there? Knowing that your time on this big blue bouncing ball is drawing closer and closer to its end as each day passes. It’s a refreshing and continuously encouraging thought as more candles are added to the birthday cake each year and you’re at greater risk of a house fire, especially as you reach the big 4-0. But don’t celebrate too much just yet, don’t be getting out those sugared doughnuts and energy drinks, you might not be aware of this, but now that you’ve hit 40, there’s foods and drinks that you need to avoid if you want to make it to 50 or even 41.

1. Bacon (and most meats)

Who doesn’t love Bacon, it’s so delicious and flexible in so many dishes. It’s so delicious in fact that some religions have banned it from their menus, ever heard of the Bacon Flavoured Ice-Cream? Well, now you have and that’s probably why. The main problem with Bacon and most meats is that they are heavy in cholesterol and cholesterol has been known to cause the following hilarious health issues: Heart Disease, Arthritis, Several Prostate issues, and Cancer. The more Bacon you eat, each additional slice you add to your Bacon cob increases your chances to dying from those previously mentioned complications. There was a study in Stockholm, Sweden that concluded that it wasn’t just Bacon that can kill you off, it could also be these unusual suspects: ham, sausages, bacon, frankfurters and salami. Time to switch to Tofu, salads and 5% mayonnaise from now on.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol, something that is great to be into in your 20s and 30s and to have excessively during those years, but it’s less fun as you reach 40, as those same drinks can knock you for 6. A decade before 40 I bet you could drink a water fountain’s worth of alcohol and then still turn up to work or the gym fresh faced and bushy tailed the next morning and just get on with it. Doesn’t happen now though does it? Want to know why? It’s because of their sugar content, alcohol has a lot of sugar in it, more than most drinks in fact, when you drink those kinds of drinks it’s a 90% certainty that you will crash. Recovering from a crash in your youth is a lot easier than it is as you get older, less energy and willingness even to try and recover. Best advice would be to cut down or even stop completely, over time your body with acclimate to the current energy levels it has to work with and you can work with what you’ve got. Believe me, it’s for the best.

3. Soda pop

It’s very similar to Alcohol in the sense that as you get older, you can’t continue to ride the highs of the sugar and the stimulants before crashing harder than Richard Hammond did in the Concept One. Sodas such as Monster™ or Coke™ are carbonated drinks designed to give you that short buzz of sugar and energy, however their after-effects are much more harmful than their assumed positive ones. Such after-effects include headaches, dizziness, digestive issues, sleep problems, changes in mood and memory loss. They’re not good for you, plain and simple. The best thing that can be done is to cut them out of your life completely, focus on drinking more beneficial drinks such as black coffees, herbal teas and maybe a few hand-made smoothies. None of these kinds of drinks have the negative after-effects and keep you going throughout the day, no issues.

4. Fried food

This is a hard habit to break, especially for myself, I love a good takeaway or a trip for fast food, the main issue though with these kinds of foods is that they are killers, one of the most efficient and productive killers of the last 30 or so years if reports are to be believed. Fried foods are full of ingredients that seem designed specifically to kill us, from blocking up our arteries with gloop to weighing us down with fats. Nothing about Fried food could be described as positive for us or good fo us. To name just a few of the side effects of having a heavy fried food and fast food diet, you could or have suffered from diabetes to heart disease, high blood pressure to gallstones. The best way to move away from Fried food and takeouts would be to swap them out with alternate foods, such as vegetables and cooking them in ways that don’t richen them too much, such as boiling or steaming them. It could save your life.

5. White, Flour-enriched bread products

Carbohydrates such as White breads, pastas and crackers are good tasting, energy creating foods that can be part of a balanced diet, however as much as you like Cereals, Potatoes and Bagels, you have to understand that White, Flour-Enriched foods can be bad for your health, especially as you get older. Flour-Enriched foods cause inflammation in the body resulting in diabetes as well as arthritis, blood sugar complications and weight gain. To avoid such complications and health issues it is advised that such foods should be swapped with whole-grain alternatives. Whole-grain breads, pastas and cereals will help lower the risks whilst still allowing you to enjoy the meals that you enjoy.

6. Doughnuts, Pastries + Sweets

Lastly, the pastries, the sweets, the guilty pleasures that come wrapped in shiny containers and selection boxes. We all know at least a brand or five, whether it’s Celebrations, Quality Streets, Roses, Krispy Kreme or Dunkin, we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to quick sweetie snacks. We all know that they’re bad for us don’t we? Doughnuts especially, we know that they’re just a combination of the worst parts of carbs and the worst parts of sugar combined into a round and lovely treat, however we cannot keep away. The results of our over-acceptance to sweet foods such as pastries, doughnuts and selection boxes means that in 5-10 years (less time for those over 40) you’ll could end up with Lung cancer, Heart complications, weight issues or all of the above. The only way to avoid laying on the silver table that is the morgue is to cut them out completely, you can’t trade doughnuts for less-bad doughnuts or sweets for sugar-free, you’re just extending the problem. You need to cut them out completely. It’s the only way.

In summary folks, as you hit 40 and beyond you need to ensure that your diet changes to match the difficulties that you will soon face, difficulties such as energy levels, movement issues, fading attentions and a more sedentary lifestyle. If you wish to see 50, 60, 70 and however old you’re imagined you’ll last, maintaining a diet that does not involve these foods and drinks is a must.

Love long and healthy lives,

Thanks for reading.


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