15 scientific facts about the brain

Your brain is the most powerful part of your body. It controls every aspect of you; what can be more important? This is why, when someone injuries their brain whether it's in a car accident or a sports injury. If it's bad enough sometimes they turn into completely different people. That right there, is the power of the brain. Recently scientists have dug up some more specifics about the brain that we might already have known and some facts completely new to us. Let's look at the 15 facts;

1. 25 is when your brain becomes completely mature.

When babies are born, their heads are big. Sometimes when you look babies it always seems as if their heads is always bigger than their bodies. That's fact is true because their heads needs to accommodate their growing brains. At 2years of age a child has eighty percent of an adult brain. So this means all through your teenage years and early 20s your brain is growing. Until 25 comes then your brain is fully mature. What a sense of accomplishment.

2. Sweating temporarily shrinks your brain

Sweating for about 90 minutes can really temporarily shrink your brain. No need to shy away from working out though because it really is only temporary. If you are a frequent flyer and experience a lot of jet lag, you are actually damaging your temporal lobe. Releasing these stress hormones which in turn harms the brain. This one is not so temporary either.

3. Alcohol doesn't make the brain forget anything at all.

We have all heard people say ”i drink to forget,” it's a sad state of mind and to make it worse it's scientifically incorrect. You won't forget anything at all; you might blackout and lose the ability to remember anything from that night or day. The alcohol addiction is what really formulates here but that another topic for a different article.

4. It's not possible to multitask

To all the women who claim to multitask; sorry to say this but you are actually not. What many people think is multitasking is actually just context switching. Meaning you aren't doing different tasks at the same time. If multitasking existed your errors would be 50% worse and that's simply not productive.

5. The brain needs cholesterol as it is the fattiest part of your bodies.

Doctors and nutritionists always stress to keep our cholesterol down. But, did you know that 60% of dry weight in the brain is fat? You don't want to exceed the amount of cholesterol in your body as it can lead to heart attacks and strokes. On the other hand not enough cholesterol in our brains will kill our brain cells. The most interesting thing is that 25% of your body cholesterol is in the brain.

6. As you age your brain absorb fewer ideas

As you get older it becomes harder for your brain to filter and get rid of memories. This is why it's hard for older people to remember or to take in new ideas or memories. Sometimes when you look at older people you think ”why are they so stuck in their way,” well this explains it.

7. In 60 seconds the brain has 1 litre of blood flow.

In only 1 minute up to 1 litre of blood flows in the brain. If that were to stop it would only take 8-10 seconds to completely lose consciousness. With over 120,000 miles of blood vessels it's no wonder your brain is very powerful.

8. 5-6 minutes is all the brain has to go without oxygen

If the brain is allotted up to 6 minutes without oxygen it will die and cause major brain damage. Your brain uses 25% of your body oxygen for it to function properly. Less oxygen than that to the brain will cause brain damage or fainting.

9. A big part of your brain is formed by water

We always hear the phrase ”stay hydrated” In fact, doctors and nutritionists suggest we drink 10 cups of water a day. Well, who knew this was helping our brain function properly. Our brain is actually made up of 73% water. When we think of all our brain does every minute, it's that much more vital you keep it hydrated.

10. The brain does generate electricity

You aren't an electric eel but you can also generate between 12 and 25 watts of electricity. You can technically power a light bulb and it's not even magic. A change in wattage can change your brain operations.

11. 268 miles/hr is how fast information travels to the brain

Let's compare your brain to Formula One racers for a minute. They’re cars travels at 240 miles/hr compared to your brain at 268 miles/hr. It's extremely hard to understand these facts because it happens very fast but, regardless these are the facts.

12. A computer can't operate faster than your brain

This fact you learned in grade school but what you might not have learned is that, by the time it takes you to blink the brain had already processed an image. Our brains only need 13th of a millisecond.

13. Neurons in the brain transmit one thousand nerve impulses in a second

Have you ever looked at 1 grain of sand? Imagine 100,000 neutrons contained in brain tissue the size of a single grain of sand. Furthermore, every second 1000 is the number of nerve impulses delivered by the neurons.

14. 7 digits is all your working memory can hold

The working memory will store ideas just long enough for us to understand them. We don't have long memories at all.

15. Your brain contains around 86 billion cells

Your brain contains many types of cells. With about 10,000 neurons types, it's difficult to have a definite answer about everything regarding the brain.

Scientists can agree that the brain is the most fascinating and complex organ that exists. The power of the brain is undeniable.


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