This Fruit Will Save You From Breast Cancer

rambutan and longan fruit. That said, the name means lychees good and happy life.

Who would not be happy tasted the sweet taste of this acid?
Eat Lychee To Fight Breast Cancer
Well, actually lychee first discovered in Asia. This tropical fruit has a pretty shady trees and comfortable. Often bear fruit in the summer, like longan and rambutan. Lychee fruit vitamin content, not less rich in other fruits.

In fact, a study suggests that lychees contains flavonoids that can help fight cancer cells in the body, as reported by Indiatimes. The content of vitamin C in a lychee is not only good for the skin, but protects the heart, away from the cancer cells, both for bone and skin tissue.

In traditional China, the lychee fruit is used as a drug that can cure a sore throat, flu and fever. In addition, lychees are also rich in fiber, so it is recommended to those who run the diet program.

Here is the lychee fruit nutrition:

    energy 66kcal
    81.76 grams of water
    16.53 grams of carbohydrates
    1.3 grams fiber
    calcium 5 mg
    0.31 mg of iron
    potassium 171 mg
    0.07 mg zinc
    71.5 mg of vitamin C
    14 mcg folate
    Vitamin E 0.07 mg

Vitamin K 0.4 mcg

Interested to eat lychees?

We've got tips for you to choose a sweet and fresh lychees.

    There are two types of lychee, green or red-skinned. Both are equally sweet, but generally red-skinned more water content.
    Be sure to pick lychees, her skin still fresh and not brown. If the color is too ripe lychee brown or even almost rotten.
    Ripe lychee skin gets thinner.
    It would be better to choose the remaining lychees trunk than not. Because lychees are still fresh and could last longer if stored in the refrigerator.


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