5 Health Benefits of Avocado You May Not Know

Avocado benefits of avocado | Avocado is my favorite fruit, it's not wonder i always drink for a cup of avocado when in cafe. Avocado is a very nice and delicious fruit for consumption. In spite of we make a juice and mix with a milk. Avocado have a primadona for a little of people, not wonder if price of this avocado is also high, because this is comparable with avocado fruit that we get.
Health Benefits of Avocado

Below are the health benefits of avocado

1. Source of vitamin E
Avocado have contain a high vitamin E. Vitamin E very important for body to protect us from disease and help to maintain our health. In addition vitamin E also good for skin health.

2. Avocado prevent stroke
in avocado contain high folat. Where this folat have function to overcome stroke disease. People with a lot of folat consumption have small risk in stroke.

3. Avocado contain a good fat
Fats are useful for lowering blood cholesterol levels (LDL), which means it can prevent stroke, high blood pressure, cancer or heart disease. Unsaturated fat in avocados is also easy to digest the body so it can provide maximum results on the body. Unsaturated fat in avocados also contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

4. Containing Iron and copper
Iron and copper are widely available in the avocado fruit may play an important role in the formation of red blood cells, which can prevent the anemia.

5. Healer ulcer disease
For those of you who are affected by mild ulcer disease, try to consume the avocado seed extract once a day.

Have you know the health benefits of avocado, are not you. So, let consume avocado as our juice or drink when in cafe. You also can take other juice, the important is healthy fruit juice OK.


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